Bradley Jackson Bagwell

     Bradley Jackson Bagwell is the son of Dwight David Bagwell Sr. and Charlene Houghton. Bradley Jackson Bagwell married Elizabeth Kay Aycock on 9 June 2013 at Augusta, Georgia.

Brittany Bagwell

     Brittany Bagwell is the daughter of Dwight David Bagwell Sr. and Charlene Houghton.

Kimberly Blair Baker

     Kimberly Blair Baker married Dwight David Bagwell Jr., son of Dwight David Bagwell Sr. and Charlene Houghton, on 24 June 2012 at Augusta, Georgia.

Nancy Herrmann

     Nancy Herrmann married Dale Bagwell, son of Morris Bagwell and Juanita Orene Pierce, on 17 October 1964 at Trinity Methodist Church, Madison, Nebraska.

Children of Nancy Herrmann and Dale Bagwell

Vicki Bagwell

     Vicki Bagwell is the daughter of Dale Bagwell and Nancy Herrmann. Vicki Bagwell married Mark Dehne after 1984.

Mark Dehne

     Mark Dehne married Vicki Bagwell, daughter of Dale Bagwell and Nancy Herrmann, after 1984.

Douglas Bagwell

     Douglas Bagwell is the son of Dale Bagwell and Nancy Herrmann. Douglas Bagwell married Janell (?) after 1984.

Janell (?)

     Janell (?) married Douglas Bagwell, son of Dale Bagwell and Nancy Herrmann, after 1984.

Edythe Belle Rawlings

F, b. 18 October 1898, d. 14 September 1971
     Edythe Belle Rawlings was born on 18 October 1898 in Marion County, Kentucky.1 As of 15 July 1916,her married name was Dorsey. She married James Arthur Dorsey on 15 July 1916 at Clark County, Indiana. As of 8 November 1931,her married name was Bagwell. Edythe Belle Rawlings married John Hugh "John Boy" Bagwell, son of John J. Bagwell and Eva Alice Rollins, on 8 November 1931 at Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana. Edythe Belle Rawlings died on 14 September 1971 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, at age 72. She was buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.1


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James Arthur Dorsey

M, b. circa 1900, d. 7 December 2005
     James Arthur Dorsey was born circa 1900 in Kentucky. He married Edythe Belle Rawlings on 15 July 1916 at Clark County, Indiana. James Arthur Dorsey died on 7 December 2005.

Roy Ansel Bandy

     Roy Ansel Bandy married Flossie Bagwell, daughter of John J. Bagwell and Eva Alice Rollins, before 1930.

Edward Dauley

     Edward Dauley married Mary Ruth Lloyd on 4 June 1937 at Humphreys County, Tennessee.

Sylvia May Bagwell

F, b. 5 February 1946, d. 28 February 2000
     Sylvia May Bagwell was born on 5 February 1946 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of William Looper Bagwell and Mary Ruth Lloyd. As of after 1965,her married name was Biggerstaff. Sylvia May Bagwell married Larry Tim Biggerstaff after 1965. Sylvia May Bagwell died on 28 February 2000 at age 54

She was daughter of Mary Ruth Bagwell and the late William L. Bagwell and ex-wife of Larry Tim Biggerstaff. She was mother of a son, Jason Lloyd. She was a partner in the Hill and Thompson, Magid and Co., inc., brokerage firm in New York.

Sylvia May Biggerstaff, 54, formerly of Louisville, died Monday in New York City. She was the former Sylvia Bagwell, a native of Nashville, Tenn., and a retired social worker. Survivors: a son, Jason Lloyd; her mother, Mary Ruth Bagwell; and sisters Joyce B. Carlisle and Loyce B. Keough. Graveside service: 3 p.m. Saturday, Cave Hill. Visitation: Carlisle residence, 2409 Cherokee Parkway, 1-2:45 p.m. Saturday. Arrangements: Pearson's. Memorial gifts: Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Inc., 1 Pennsylvania Plaza, Suite 1610, New York, NY 10119-0165.

She was buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Larry Tim Biggerstaff

     Larry Tim Biggerstaff married Sylvia May Bagwell, daughter of William Looper Bagwell and Mary Ruth Lloyd, after 1965.

James Andrew Morgan

M, b. 15 April 1903, d. 25 January 1968
     James Andrew Morgan was born on 15 April 1903 in Leon, Texas. He married Minnie Mae Bagwell, daughter of John Augusta Bagwell and Amanda "Mandy" Rasco, on 29 April 1944 at Harris County, Texas. James Andrew Morgan died on 25 January 1968 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 64.

Lia Mae Carr

F, b. circa 1918, d. 25 December 1999
     Lia Mae Carr was born circa 1918 in Alabama. As of 11 February 1936,her married name was Bagwell. She married Roland Carl Bagwell, son of John Augusta Bagwell and Amanda "Mandy" Rasco, on 11 February 1936 at Madison, Texas. Lia Mae Carr died on 25 December 1999.

Children of Lia Mae Carr and Roland Carl Bagwell

Lois Bagwell

     Lois Bagwell is the daughter of Roland Carl Bagwell and Lia Mae Carr.

Richard C. Bagwell

     Richard C. Bagwell is the son of Roland Carl Bagwell and Lia Mae Carr.

Anthony Wade Rector

M, b. 19 September 1952, d. 19 November 1987
     Anthony Wade Rector was born on 19 September 1952 in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. He married Judy Ellen Bagwell, daughter of Norman Paskins Bagwell and Marjorie Edith Burns, on 9 May 1973 at Witchita, Texas. Anthony Wade Rector died on 19 November 1987 in Dallas, Collin County, Texas, at age 35.

Nancy (?)

     Nancy (?) married Sammy Gwin Bagwell, son of Robert J. Bagwell and Charlene Pearl Proctor, before 1967.

Children of Nancy (?) and Sammy Gwin Bagwell

Cheryl (?)

     Cheryl (?) married Shannon Eugene Bagwell, son of Sammy Gwin Bagwell and Nancy (?), after 1992.

Child of Cheryl (?) and Shannon Eugene Bagwell

Shanna Bagwell

     Shanna Bagwell is the daughter of Shannon Eugene Bagwell and Cheryl (?)

Lewis Middleton Bagwell

M, b. 1 February 1878, d. 7 September 1879
     Lewis Middleton Bagwell was born on 1 February 1878 in Banner, Calhoun County, Mississippi. He was the son of Thomas Howard Bagwell and Nancy Elizabeth Whitt. Lewis Middleton Bagwell died on 7 September 1879 in Banner, Calhoun County, Mississippi, at age 1.

John Temple Bagwell

M, b. 7 October 1922, d. 13 June 1944
John Temple Bagwell
The Indianapolis Star, June 16, 1944 - Page 8
     John Temple Bagwell was born on 7 October 1922 in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio.1 He was the son of James French Bagwell and Lillian Myrtle Jones. He served in the US Army during World War II. John Temple Bagwell died on 13 June 1944 in Central Indiana Hospital, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, at age 21.1 He was buried at Slab Fork Church Cemetery, Cannons Creek, Lawrence County, Ohio.1


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John Bagwell

M, b. circa 1792, d. July 1867
     John Bagwell was born circa 1792. He died in July 1867. He was buried at Holy Trinity Churchyard, Henley-on-Thames, South Oxfordshire Distric, Oxfordshire, England.

Wiley Bagwell

M, d. 12 September 1857
     Wiley Bagwell died on 12 September 1857 He was lost at sea, Specifically aboard the The SS Central America where he had he had Steerage Accomodations. The ship sank on September 12, 1857 off the coast of North Carolina. The SS Central America and this voyage is referred to as the Ship of Gold where $550 Million in gold was lost

On 3 September 1857, 477 passengers and 101 crew left the Panamanian port of Colón, sailing for New York City under the command of William Lewis Herndon. The ship was laden with 10 short tons (9.1 t) of gold prospected during the California Gold Rush. After a stop in Havana, the ship continued north.

On 9 September 1857, the ship was caught up in a Category 2 hurricane while off the coast of the Carolinas. By 11 September, the 105 mph (170 km/h) winds and heavy seas had shredded her sails, she was taking on water, and her boiler was threatening to fail. A leak in one of the seals between the paddle wheel shafts and the ship's sides sealed its fate. At noon that day, her boiler could no longer maintain fire. Steam pressure dropped, shutting down both the bilge pumps. Also, the paddle wheels that kept her pointed into the wind failed as the ship settled by the stern. The passengers and crew flew the ship's flag inverted (a distress sign in the US) to signal a passing ship. No one came.

A bucket brigade was formed, and her passengers and crew spent the night fighting a losing battle against the rising water. During the calm of the hurricane, attempts were made to get the boiler running again, but these failed. The second half of the storm then struck. The ship was now on the verge of foundering. Without power, the ship was carried along with the storm and the strong winds would not abate. The next morning, September 12, two ships were spotted, including the brig Marine. Only 153 passengers, primarily women and children, made their way over in lifeboats. The ship remained in an area of intense winds and heavy seas that pulled the ship and most of her company away from rescue. Central America sank at 8:00 that evening. As a consequence of the sinking, 425 people were killed. A Norwegian bark, Ellen, rescued an additional 50 from the waters. Another three were picked up over a week later in a lifeboat.

In the immediate aftermath of the sinking, greatest attention was paid to the loss of life, which was described as "appalling" and as having "no parallel" among American navigation disasters.[2] At the time of her sinking, Central America carried gold then valued at approximately US$8,000,000 (modern monetarily 2019 dollar equivalent to $550 million, assuming a gold value of $1,528.40 per troy ounce). The loss shook public confidence in the economy, and contributed to the Panic of 1857.[citation needed] The valuation of the ship itself was substantially less than those lost in other disasters of the period, being $140,000 (equivalent to $3,840,000 in 2019).

Commander William Lewis Herndon, a distinguished officer who had served during the Mexican–American War and explored the Amazon Valley, was captain of Central America, and went down with his ship. Two US Navy ships were later named USS Herndon in his honor, as was the town of Herndon, Virginia. Two years after the sinking, his daughter Ellen married Chester Alan Arthur, later the 21st President of the United States.

John Anderson

M, b. 11 March 1837, d. 10 December 1911
     John Anderson was born on 11 March 1837 in Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada. He married Emily Louise Bagwell, daughter of John Bull Bagwell and Mary Ann Rooke, before 1874 at Ontario, Canada. John Anderson died on 10 December 1911 in Arthur, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada, at age 74

His death record was found in "Ontario Deaths, 1869-1937 - YEAR 1911"

He was born on March 11, 1837 (or 1838) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (according to his death record)

He was the first born child of James Anderson, born about 1805 in Carrick - on - Shannon, County Leitrim, Ireland, and his wife Susan Sparling, born about 1811 in Roscrea, County Tipperary, Ireland.

He was married before 1874 in Ontario, Canada to Emily Louise Bagwell (1845-1932), daughter of John Bull Bagwell and Mary Ann Rook. He and his wife had at least four known children:

1. Emily Mae Anderson - b. Feb. 28, 1874 in Arthur Village, Peel twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada. She was married to Edward Robert Breitenbecher in 1910 in Arthur.

2. Gertrude Florence Anderson - b. June 14, 1877, in Arthur Village, Peel twp., Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. She was married to William E. Stevenson after 1932.

3. Violet Louise Anderson - b. Dec. 10, 1878, in Arthur Village, Peel twp., Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

4. Ethel Louise Anderson - b. Dec. 1883 in Arthur Village, Peel twp., Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.

Dean Bagwell

M, b. 4 June 1931, d. 3 July 2020
Dean Bagwell
Photograph courtesy of South Canton Funeral Home
     Dean Bagwell was also known as Harold Dean Bagwell. He was born on 4 June 1931 in Georgia. He was the son of Edgar Wallace Bagwell and Reba Lee Goss. Dean Bagwell married June Dickerson after 1950. Dean Bagwell died on 3 July 2020 in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia, at age 89. He was buried at Ponder Cemetery, Buffington, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Children of Dean Bagwell and June Dickerson

Judy Bagwell

F, b. circa 1952, d. June 2003
     Judy Bagwell was born circa 1952. She was the daughter of Dean Bagwell and June Dickerson. As of before 2002,her married name was Thomas. Judy Bagwell married (?) Thomas before 2002. Judy Bagwell died in June 2003 in Canton, Georgia.

(?) Thomas

     (?) Thomas married Judy Bagwell, daughter of Dean Bagwell and June Dickerson, before 2002.